• Application of computers in forestry.
  • Design, development and implementation of computer based information system.


Institutional Staff



Mrs. Jyotsna Gupta
Mobile: +919179343300 
Fax: +917612661304 
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  1. To design and develop the website of the institute.
  2. To provide logistics and maintainance of all the computers of the institute.
  3. To provide Internet Facilities in the Institute without interruption at a high speed.
  4. To maintain CCTV Cameras in the Institute and Main Gate for security purpose.
  5. Maintenance of EPABX facilities in the Institute.
  6. Maintain Biometrics for attendance of all employees of the Institute.


Information Technology Centre

Information Technology centre has a number of computer systems (Desktop – 64, Laptop – 12) connected to each other via local area network (LAN) and with Domain server. The computer system is shared by a router to access World Wide Web information and Wi-Fi, which is also connected by local area network.


Activities carried out during the year

  1. Presentation of powerpoint for BOG, RAC, workshops, meetings, seminars and trainings, etc. has been done successfully.
  2. Website of the institute has been upgraded.
  3. Providing internet surfing and e-mail facilities to users through LAN.
  4. Maintenance of computer equipments viz., computer systems, printers, scanners, LAN, UPS etc. 
  5. Research work data in a domain server are stored during the year.