The institute’s mission is to focus its efforts on adaptive and applied research programmes for the conservation and development of forests and forestry sector in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

It endeavours to focus its activities as per the requirement of the forest development community and is engaged in need based research. The institute tries to acquire knowledge about sectoral problems in forest management and means to overcome them and disseminate the same simultaneously to the stakeholders.    


On-going research aims at :

  1. Conservation of forests and forest resources - soil, water and floral and faunal diversity.
  2. Enhancement of productivity of natural forests and plantations.
  3. Efficient and sustainable utilization of forest resources and forest products – timber and NTFPs and expansion of tree cover.
  4. Sustainable management of forests involving forest dependent communities and people’s participation
  5. Mass production of high fruit yielding forest tree species through biotechnological approaches.
  6. Preparation of inventory and biodiversity assessment in Madhya Pradesh.
  7. Monitoring and evaluation of wildlife and their habitats.
  8. Documentation of existing agro-forestry systems for different agro-climatic conditions.
  9. Climate change and its impact on livelihood rural communities.


  1. Collection of quality seeds, its certification and disposal.
  2. Production of quality planting material using biotechnological tools. 
  3. Development of micro and macro-propagation techniques.
  4. Vegetational surveys to assess bio-diversity status and to identify rare and threatened species.
  5. Germplasm collection, evaluation and conservation.
  6. Cultivation, sustainable harvesting, processing, storage, certification and market information service for medicinal plants.
  7. Collection of growth data and preparation of volume and yield tables.
  8. Ecological studies and environmental impact assessment and preparation of environmental management plans.
  9. Strengthening of ex-situ gene bank of medicinal and aromatic plants.
  10. Development of botanical garden for conservation of rare, endangered, threatened and endemic plants of MP for mass multiplication.
  11. Vegetation and edaphic studies in different preservation plots, established in various forest types of MP.
  12. Conservation of rare, endangered and threatened (RET) species in natural condition.
  13. Study on ecology & conservation of wildlife including herbivores, carnivores & avifauna of the state.
  14. Protection, maintenance and successional study in terms of growth, biomass and carbon sequestration in preservation plots laid in different forest types of Madhya Pradesh.
  15. Modernization and digitalization of existing forest herbarium of State Forest Research Institute, Jabalpur (M.P.).
  16. Development, implementation of sustainable harvesting technologies and determination of sustainable harvesting limits of commercially important NTFPs in tribal dominated tropical forests.
  17. Impact assessment of agro-forestry technologies on natural resource management and livelihoods.
  18. Sustainable harvesting and primary processing of gums and gum oleo resin.  
  19. Screening and management of diseases of some selected important medicinal & aromatic plants.
  20. Scientific management interventions in wildlife habitat improvement.
  21. Preparation of form factor table for important miscellaneous timber species of M.P.
  22. Soil analysis of various forest plantation and providing mobile soil testing services.
  23. Training on techniques of protection of sal forests affected by sal borer attack.
  24. Knowledge upgradation and skill development of field foresters and forest dependent communities through training and extension.