Animal Ecology Division


  1. Conservation Biology
  2. Population Estimation
  3. PHVA (Population Habitat Viability Analysis) studies
  4. Re-introduction, Re-wilding and Translocation



Research Priorities

  1. Species recovery programme of caracal and wolf in urban landscape
  2. Species recovery programme of Tiger in Madhav National Park
  3. Human-carnivore interaction-carrying capacity estimation and population management
  4. Feeding and spatial ecology of large carnivores and prey in various tiger reserves of Madhya Pradesh 


Research Priorities

  1. Estimation of tiger, co-predators and prey populations within & outside; All India Tiger Estimation Programme Madhya Pradesh
  2. Estimation of avifaunal abundance and study of flocking pattern of various avifauna species, especially vultures and various raptors
  3. Estimation of riverine fauna abundance-gharials, crocodiles, dolphins and turtles in rivers of the state     


Research Priorities

  1. PHVA study of locally extinct or newly introduced species in various parts of the state
  • Gaur in Sanjay Dubri Tiger Reserve
  • Hardground Barasingha in Bandhavgarh and Satpura tiger reserves
  • Tiger in Madhav National Park
  • Gharial in Chambal, Son-Gharial and Ken Gharial sanctuaries
  • Leopard in Rani Durgawati Wildlife Sanctuary


Research Priorities

  1. Translocation of Hardground Barasingha in Bandhavgarh and Sanjay Dubri Tiger Reserves 
  2. Studies on methodology of safe translocation of chitals and black bucks 
  3. Studies on rewilding of orphan cubs of tiger and other carnivores after their rescue operations
  4. Standardization of operating procedures for tranquilization, capture and rescue of various carnivore and herbivore species
  5. Monitoring of reintroduced/re-established species outside tiger reserves


Institutional Staff

Dr Aniruddha Majumder 
Scientist - B (Wildlife Biology) and Division In-Charge
Mobile No: + 91 8377936934
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • I have more than 17 years of research experiences in the field of Wildlife Science.
  • As a principal investigator, currently handling various research projects under Animal Ecology Division and also under Environmental Impact Assessment Cell.
  • Worked as a Technical Officer in Global Tiger Forum and Assistant Manager in Wildlife Trust of India.
  • Worked as a research scholar of Wildlife Institute of India in various research projects at Central India which include 1st and 2nd cycle of All India Tiger Estimation Programmes, Ecology of tiger in Tiger Reserve (M.P.) and also supported in various species re-introduction projects.
  • Published more than 60 scientific papers (Peer reviewed national and International), Popular Articles, Research reports and Technical Manuals.
  • Participated in National and International workshops, conferences and symposiums including “Trans-boundary Conservation of Tigers” and “Other Endangered Species, and the Strategy for Combating Illegal Wildlife Trade" at Kunming, China at 2013 and Second Global Tiger Stock Taking conference and 6th General Assembly of Global Tiger Forum at Dhaka, Bangladesh on 2014.
  • As an expert Committee Member, I was involved in assessment of Impact of Sand mining on Gharial (Gavialis gangeticus habitat in National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary and Son Gharial Wildlife Sanctuary, Madhya Pradesh.
  • M.P. State Committee member to asses prey and habitat for Cheetah Introduction.
  • Trained more than 2000 frontline forest staff of Madhya Pradesh on “Wildlife Population Monitoring Techniques” and “Wildlife Crime Prevention”. 
  • Life Member of “National Book Trust”, “Indian Youth Hostel Association”, “Mahakaushal Vigyan Parishad” and “Society for Tropical Forestry”.



On-going projects

S. No.

Title of the Project

Name of PI


Source of funding

Sanctioned Amount (Rs.)

Date of Initiation

Due date of completion


Study on leopard (Panthera pardus L.) presence, identification of conflict zones and developing suitable mitigation measures on human-leopard interactions in the urban areas of Jabalpur and Indore, Madhya Pradesh

Dr Aniruddha Majumder


PCCF (Wildlife) Madhya Pradesh

43.06 lakh    

September 2021

March 2022


Network Project on Conservation of Lac Insect Genetic Resources

Dr Aniruddha Majumder

 Anirudhwa Sarkar

ICAR through Indian Institute of Natural Resin and Gums, Ranchi (Jharkhand)

16.30 lakhs

March 2021

March 2023


Identification of best performing bamboo species for enhancement of income of farmers in Madhya Pradesh

Dr Aniruddha Majumder


M.P. State Bamboo Mission

10.17 lakhs

August 2021

July 2022


Population Habitat Viability Analysis (PHVA) of Hard ground Barashingha (Cervus duvauceli branderi) for introduction in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, M.P.

Dr Aniruddha Majumder & Dr. Jyoti Singh


PCCF (Wildlife) through Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, M.P.

3.91 lakhs

April 2022

June 2022

5 AITE-2022 Evaluation of Wild Animals Population and Habitat in Madhya Pradesh. [Phase-1 and Phase-2]

Dr Aniruddha Majumder

Dr. Anjana Rajput

Dr. Mayank M. Verma

Rakesh Jain

Richa Seth

PCCF (Wildlife), Madhya Pradesh 37.50 lakhs  July 2022  April 2023


Completed Projects

S. NO.

Title of the Project

Name of PI


Funding Agency

Year  of Completion


Capacity Building of Frontline Forest Staff of Madhya Pradesh for 5thcycle of All India Tiger Estimation Programme-2021-22

Dr Aniruddha Majumder

  • To create a cadre of master trainers on advanced wildlife population monitoring techniques who can further transfer their knowledge to frontline forest staff of their respective forest divisions/Pas.
  • To train all frontline forest staff of tiger bearing beats of this state.

PCCF (Wildlife) Madhya Pradesh)

March 2022


Major Activities

  • All India Tiger Estimation (AITE) -2022 : Trainings, data submission and processing
  • Maintenance of Regional Lac field Gene Bank
  • Maintenance of ornamental nursery
  • Awareness campaign on wildlife to common people on Environmental Day, Global Tiger Day, Wildlife Day, Lac Insect Day and on.

Services rendered

  • Predator and prey population monitoring at in-situ condition.

  • Species recovery programme of locally extinct or newly introduced species in various protected areas of Madhya Pradesh,

  • Re-introduction/re-wildling/translocations of carnivores and herbivores.

  • Conservation of lac insects and promotion of lac cultivation in central India through regional lac gene bank and ornamental nursery.

  • Training on capacity building of frontline forest staff on predator and prey monitoring and other burning wildlife issues.