1 Development of nursery techniques and models for plantation of rare, endangered and threatened (RET) species in natural conditions.                                 Dr. Uday Homkar    
  • To develop nursery technique for important R.E.T. species.
  • To find out suitable time and method of collection of seed/planting material for preparation of plants of R.E.T. species.
  • To develop models for plantation of RET species in natural condition.
  • To create awareness among the field staff by disseminating the developed technology.                                
MPFD,     (R&E and Lok Vaniki),    Bhopal         2016-17
2 Documentation of ethno-botanical information on natural Gum and Resin yielding plants of Madhya Pradesh Dr. S.K. Masih
  • Collection of secondary information from various information centers
  • To make an inventory of gums and resins yielding plants of Madhya Pradesh
  • To prepare a data base of ethno-botanical    information of gums and resins yielding plants of Madhya Pradesh.
MPFD,     (R&E and Lok Vaniki),    Bhopal 2016-17
3 Documentation of traditional knowledge of local tribal and communities of Malwa eco-region of Madhya Pradesh - Neemach and Ratlam districts Dr. S.K. Masih
  • To carryout ethnobotanical survey of local tribe, villagers, communities in Neemach and Ratlam districts of Malwa Eco Region. 
  • To enlist and identify plants species of different habitats, families, groups having traditional knowledge with reference to medicine, food and multipurpose plant categories.
  • Survey of existing local primary weekly markets to catalogue plants, plants parts and their products available during different season.
MPCOST, Bhopal 2016-17
4 Up-gradation and Renovation of Forestry museum SFRI, Jabalpur. Dr. Uday Homkar

To Up-grade and renovate the existing museum of SFRI.

13th finance commission 2016-17
5 Development of cultivation techniques of Van jeera  (Centrantherum anthelminiticum (L) Kantze) Dr. Uday Homkar

Development of cultivation techniques of Van jeera (Centrantherum anthelminiticum (L) Kantze).

MPFD, (R&E and Lok Vaniki)  Bhopal 2016-17
6 ग्लेरीसिडिया सेपियम की कटिंग द्वारा रोपण तकनीक का विकास। Dr. Uday Homkar ग्लेरीसिडिया सेपियम की कटिंग द्वारा रोपण तकनीक  SFRI, Jabalpur 2016-17
7 Preparation of Wildlife Conservation Plan for Jagannathpur OCM of SECL, Bhatgaon Area, Chhattisgarh Dr. R.K. Pandey
  • To assess the impact on flora, fauna and wildlife habitat due to proposed Jagannathpur OCM.
  • To assess the impact on sustained wildlife, corridor values and life requisite parameters within 10 km radius of the project sites.
  • To suggest mitigative measures for conservation/protection of flora, fauna and wildlife and its habitats
Jagannathpur  OCM of SECL, (CG) March 2017
8 Integrated management of diseases of economically important tree species Dhawada, Bija and Achar occurring in forests of M.P Dr. Jyoti Singh
  • Survey of infected areas of forests to identify the intensity of diseases in relation to seasonal variations.
  • Collection, isolation and identification of pathogens found on the affected trees and seedlings.
  • To standardize integrated management practices to control diseases occurring in Dhawada, Bija  and  Achar.
  • Preparation of   working manual to field officers for remedial measures. 
APCCF (R&E, Lokvaniki), Bhopal Dec. 2016
9 Causes and remedial measures of sal mortality (Shorea robusta) in forest areas of M.P. Dr. Jyoti Singh
  • To study the   intensity of diseases in relation to seasonal variation.
  • To study  the impact of microbial flora, edaphic factors, girth at breast height and  coppicing  on sal mortality in natural forests
  • To develop suitable methods for management of diseases and prepare working manual. 
APCCF (R&E, Lokvaniki), Bhopal Dec. 2016
10 Genetic diversity assessment of Boswellia serrata and standardization of micro clonal propagation protocol through biotechnological interventions for the production of elite planting material Dr. S. K. Tiwari
  • To identify the potential pockets of Boswellia serrata from different agroclimatic zones of Madhya Pradesh.
  • To study genetic variations of Boswellia serrata within and between different populations and at individual level. 
  • To identify genetically diversified population and elite genotypes for further studies.
  • To standardize the micro clonal propagation protocols for the production of quality planting material from elite genotypes. 
M.P. State Minor Forest Produce (T & D) Co-op. Fed .Ltd. Bhopal 2016-17
11 Standardization and multiplication of clonal propagation protocol for commercially important forestry species Anogeissus pendula Dr. S. K. Tiwari
  • To identify potentially rich areas of A. pendula and identification of  candidate plus trees from different forest areas of M.P.
  • To standardize clonal propagation protocol through macro and micropropagation technique from known phenotypic resource. 
  • To standardize hardening procedure for higher survival and establishment rate.
  • To prepare field manual of macropropagation techniques to raise the plants by forest department.
APCCF (R&E and Lokvaniki) Bhopal. 2016-17
12 Revised form factors table for important miscellaneous timber tree species of Madhya Pradesh R. Bisen Preparation of Volume tables of various miscellaneous species found in Madhya Pradesh APCCF (R&E and Lokvaniki) Bhopal. 2016-17
13 Documentation and Development of Packages of Seed and Nursery Techniques for Important Indigenous Species. Dr. Archana Sharma
  • To standardize seed and nursery techniques of targeted species to raise quality seedlings.
  • To prepare field manual to raising the plants of targeted species.
  • Production of thousand plants of each species to rectify the protocol for seed and nursery techniques
APCCF (R&E and Lokvaniki) Bhopal. 2016-17
14 Documentation of developed Seed Technology, Nursery and Planting Techniques of Important Forestry tree Species Particularly of Economic, MFP and Medicinal Value Dr. Archana Sharma To prepare a field guide related to seed technology, nursery and planting techniques of various forestry species particularly of economic, MFP and medicinal value SFRI, Jabalpur 2016-17
15 Training and Demonstration Programme on Seed Technology and Management of Seed Production Areas for Field Foresters Dr. Archana Sharma The objective of this training course was to provide a basic understanding on the following topics: 
  • Seed stand 
  • Establishment and maintenance of Seed Production Area (SPA).
  • Knowledge of seed maturity 
  • Seed collection 
  • Seed extraction and cleaning 
APCCF (R&E and Lokvaniki) Bhopal. 2016-17
16 Seed testing and certification of various forestry species Dr. Archana Sharma To improved the capability of the seed lab and functioning properly for testing and certification of seeds SFRI, Jabalpur 2016-17
17 म. प्र. राज्य वन विकास अभिकरण द्वारा विभिन्न वन विकास अभिकरणों में वित्तीय वर्ष 2012-13 के वर्षा ऋतु में हुए वृक्षारोपण कार्यो का अनुश्रवण मूल्याकंन किये जाने के संबंध में। R. Bisen     2016-17
18 Social impact assessment report  for plantations raised by Barghat and Lamta project divisions Dr. Pratibha Bhatnagar
  • To assess the socio-economic impacts of the plantations on the local population
  • To formulate mitigation measures for the identified adverse impacts (if any).
  • To prepare Social Management Plan (SMP) incorporating mitigation measures including CSR
M.P.R.V.V.N. Bhopal 2016-17
19 Strengthening of MIS cell and establishment of five regional market data collection and analysis centres in Madhya Pradesh. Dr. Pratibha Bhatnagar
  • Collect and analyze market information.
  • To assess market demand for medicinal plants.
  • Market promotion.
  • Market research and intelligence.
 MP MFP Federation (Trade & Dev.) Bhopal 2016-17
20 Standardization of primary processing and drying techniques for selected medicinal species and NWFPs Dr. Pratibha Bhatnagar
  • To standardize primary processing and drying techniques of NWFPs including medicinal plants of commercial importance.
  • To find optimal drying conditions
APCCF (R&E) Bhopal 2016-17
21 Science plan for utilization of Automatic Weather Station (AWS) and Agro-meterological Station (AMS) data in Madhya Pradesh. Dr. Sachin Dixit
  • To estimate the litter biomass in different forest types of protected areas.
  • To estimate the herbaceous biomass in different forest types of protected areas.
  • Soil analysis study in different forest areas.
M.P. Forest and SAC, Ahemdabad 2016-17
22 Selection of superior races of Khamer (Gmelina arborea) through clonal propagation. Dr. Sachin Dixit
  • To collect data on height and girth of forest trees in different forest types of protected areas.
  • To identify superior germplasm of Gmelina arborea from natural forests and plantations of M.P. and C.G.
  • To prepared second generation of clonal plants of superior races.
  • To establish clonal plants in the field.
APCCF (R&E) M.P. Forest, Bhopal 2016-17
23 Development of suitable nursery techniques of some important rare and tree species of Madhya Pradesh forest Dr. O.P. Choubey
  • To procure germplasm of important rare and endangered  tree species, namely Kardhai, Tinsa, Garari, Kullu, Dahiman, Kuchla, Ritha, Mundi, Haldu and Rakt Chandan.
  • To know the impact of growth hormone on seed dormancy
APCCF (R&E) M.P. Forest, Bhopal 2016-17
24 Assessment of wildlife around the Dumna Airport, Jabalpur Dr. Anjana Rajput
  • Assessment of wild animal presence in Dumna Airport
  • To suggest the mitigation measures.
25 Status of Wildlife in Dewas Territorial Division- 2016 Dr. Anjana Rajput
  • ·To prepare benchmark data- base of tiger co-predators and prey.
  • ·To suggest management interventions for protecting tigers, co-predators and prey.
26 Status Report : Prey Base in Kuno-Palpur Wildlife Sanctuary 2016 Dr. Anjana Rajput

To study the current status of available prey base in Kuno-Palpur Sanctuary for Lion introduction.

 APCCF (Wildlife) 2016-17
27 DNA Based Monitoring of Tigers Presence and their Movements in Kanha-Pench Corridor of M.P. Mayank M. Verma
  • Non-invasive genetic analysis to establish tiger presence, tiger numbers, sex ratio and distribution. 
  • Assessment of the importance of corridor in maintaining genetic exchange between Kanha and Pench source population.
  • To study on functionality of corridor for genetic exchange.
APCCF (R&E, Lokvaniki), MPFD, Bhopal 2016-17
28 Estimation of carrying capacity of grazing in different forest types and canopy densities in Jabalpur forest division of M.P. Mayank M. Verma
  • To determine the carrying capacity for grazing in different forest type and canopy densities.
  • To prepare an inventory of palatable and non-palatable grass species occurring in the different strata of forest area.
  • To study the effect of grazing and browsing on regeneration.
APCCF (Development) MPFD, Bhopal  2016-17