Museum: Aranya Vithika

Dr. Gaurishankar Shejwar, Hon’ble Minister Forest, planning, economic and statistics departments of Govt. of M.P. on 24th February, 2018 inaugurated the forest museum established in the administrative block of the institute. This museum has been named ‘Aranya Vithika’, which showcases the different aspects of forests of M.P. The forest diorama representing the food chain of ecosystem, panels representing various form, utility, threats etc. of forests, specimens of various wood types and plant fossils are kept for public view. Structure and activities of S.F.R.I is also exhibited through electronic media like touch screen and T.V.

This museum has been opened with an aim of making people aware of the various activities of forest and S.F.R.I. This museum will be open for the public during the office hours of the institute and entry to it is free of cost.

This museum has been renovated and upgraded with the financial support of the 13th Finance Commission. The museum has been named as Aranya Vithika, which means a gallery of forest.  In the museum following items are displayed:- 

1)  Diorama: There is a big diorama showing the ecological food chain of jungle. This diorama also indicates the role of different animals in a terrestrial ecosystem. A pair of “Hard Ground Barasinga” the state animal of Madhya Pradesh is also exhibited in this diorama.

2) Panels: 34 panels are displayed in the museum, which highlight the importance, threats, conservation status of forest and showcase an array of NTFPs. Some of the panels give information about the services and achievements of the Institute.

3) Fruits and seed display: Fruits and seeds of a large number of important medicinal plant species have been displayed in the museum.

4) Wooden planks: 27 wooden planks and 29 wooden blocks of important forestry tree species are displayed. This will help in identification of grains/texture and natural color of the wood of these species.  

5) Fossils: Plant fossils have been collected from various part of Madhya Pradesh. These fossils are displayed in the museum.

6) Table top diorama of Sal Borer: Different stages of sal borer larvae showing life cycle of Sal Borer (Hoplocerambyx spinicornis) and how it damage sal wood is displayed.

7) Electronic media: Information regarding the institute and various activities of different research branches of the institute are displayed in the TV and touch screen system. Photographs as well as brief information of different research branches are displayed. The touch screen contents are displayed in both Hindi and English language.  






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