SFRI is home to a number of highly sophisticated experimental research facilities in the form of laboratories. These research laboratories are designed to serve scientists, technical staff and research scholors, as well as visiting researchers from universities and other government institutions. For more information, visit the following section of this website or contact the concerned person using the contact information provided in facility pages. The available facilities are 


Biotechnology Laboratory
Clonal Multiplication
Soil  Laboratory
EIA Laboratory
Seed Certification Laboratory

Collections & Interpretations

Botanical Garden
Medicinal Plants (Gene Bank)
Forest Museum

Plant Propagation

Green House
Poly House
Mist chamber

Experimental Plot

Seedling Seed Orchard/Clonal Teak Seed Orchard
Seed Production Areas
Preservation Plot
Sample Plot
Plus Tree

Networks and Helpline

Seed Heath Helpline
Lac Network with IINRG, Ranchi
Market Information System of Medicinal Plants
Monitoring Facilities
Preparation of Volume and Yield Table of Timber

Centralised Facilities

Forest Archive
Library and Documentation
Computer & IT 
Training Facilities
Seminar and Conference Facilities
Field Work Support (vehicles)
Officer Rest House/Guest House/Hostel